Vlado Janevski in Gevgelija

Vlado Janevski on 07 December 2019 in De Facto, Gevgelija. Vlado Janevski was born on 27 November 1960 in Skopje in Cair  where he still lives.  He plays the guitar, piano and drums. He was a member of the popular bands “Tost Sendvich” (1976), “Bon-Ton” (1986), “Fotomodel” (1989) and “Lastovica” (1992). He has participated in a number of festivals in Macedonia and other ex Yuhgoslav countries. He participated in Yugovizija in Belgrade in 1992 and also had revial participations in Belarus on “Slavjanski Bazar in 1994, 1995 and 1996. In Macedonia, he took part in “Interfest” in 1994 where he got the grand prize, and on “Makfest” where got the second prize and the first in 1995. He took place in the first Skopj Fest 1998 with the song Ne zori zoro and won the contest which allowed him to represent Macedonia for the first time in the Eurovision Song contest.

Ever since the beginning of his solo career Vlado has been writing most of the music and all the lyrics for his songs. Even though he has often been referred to as “the most romantic songwriter and lyricist in the history of macedonian popular music” he described himself as “a mere scribbler of love songs”. The secret of his long-lasting success with the wide audience probably lies in the mystic beauty of his ballads combined with the sensuality of his velvety baritone voice.