Bay of the Bones – Museum on Water

Museum on Water represents a reconstruction of a settlement from the Iron and Bronze ages, and it will be a tourist attraction for Macedonia but also for many visitors from abroad. On the south coast of the Gradishte peninsula in the Bay of Bones , there is the prehistoric (palafitte) settlement which according to the […]

Memorial House of Hristo Uzunov

Hristo Uzunov was a famous Macedonian revolutionary from Ohrid, he was actually born in the house, where the Memorial house is today. The Memorial House is in the centre of Ohrid right opposite the house of Robevci.The Memorial House is 345 м2 but the exibit is takes only part of the house. The exibit is […]

Grigor Prlichev House

Macedonia prides itself on many brilliant people who contributed in the rich culture of the country. One of them is the talented and most productive Macedonian writer Grigor Prlichev. He was born in Ohrid in 1830, a teacher and a writer whose works are example of his love towards writing and his incredible talent. Today […]