Slave Dimitrov

Slave Dimitrov (born June 1, 1946) is a Macedonian composer, singer and record producer. He composed and sang “Chija si”, labeled as the “song of the millennium” in the Republic of Macedonia.

He started his career as a music author, arranger and performer in Bitola. Dimitrov achieved his first success at the “Youth 66” festival in Subotica. Still a student at the Belgrade Academy of Music (1966-1970), he achieved great Yugoslav success by winning the first prize at  the “Your Schlager Season 68” festival. The same year he recorded for RTB his first single. In 1970 she was employed as a producer on Radio Skopje.

This feature remains for almost 20 fertile years, as a music producer will leave behind thousands of music recordings of all genres, featuring almost all current Macedonian artists, ensembles and bands in the field of popular, rock and jazz. These recordings are a testament to the cultural heritage of that period that is regularly exploited by broadcasters. In 1971, at the Skopje Festival for the first time, his legendary song “Who do you belog to” was performed, which has experienced numerous versions and numerous performances here and abroad. This song has won a number of official “polls of the millennium” type in several official elections and polls, inspires a theatrical play and widely inspired romance.