Memorial House of Hristo Uzunov

Hristo Uzunov was a famous Macedonian revolutionary from Ohrid, he was actually born in the house, where the Memorial house is today. The Memorial House is in the centre of Ohrid right opposite the house of Robevci.The Memorial House is 345 м2 but the exibit is takes only part of the house. The exibit is very interesting it contains many artifacts from the Ilinden period and belongings Hristo Uzunov, including a very interesting artifact is part of the chin of Hristo Uzunov. If you are in Ohrid you should visit it you can learn alot for the Ilinden Period.

This museum is one of those hidden places you can find in Ohrid. Situated in the old town, you can evidence true artifacts of the history of this town.

Address: Car Samoil 49, Ohrid 6000, Republic of Macedonia