Macedonian miracles – Alsar

Alsar is an unusual and very attractive place. The mine is located in the village Majden, at 900m altitude. In the vicinity of the pits you can smell sulphur. The earth is soft, and filled with various minerals in all colours. The yellow is dominant, due to the large presence of arsenic. It is the arsenic that has been excavated during the Turkish times, and used mostly as an ingredient in cosmetics, for hair removal. Part of the ore was transported to Germany, via the Thessaloniki port. In Germany, several of the unique elements of the ore have been discovered. In this ore, the thallium ore lorandit can be found, which is the natural detector of “neutrino” a particle that can travel from the Sun to the Earth in 8 seconds. In other words, it is this ore that recognizes the reactions from the core of the Sun. This is a very rare mineral, and it is known that only in Macedonia can be found in pure form.