For history buffs who’d like to get away from the 21st century and travel back to the ancient times – Heraclea Lynkestis is a must sight! This once glorious town was founded by the Macedonian king, Philip II of Macedon (the father of Alexander the Great) in the 4th century BC. Later on, it was conquered by the ancient Greeks, who turned this city into an important Hellenistic stronghold. They gave it its final name Heraclea, in the honor of the mythological Greek hero Hercules, who was a son of Zeus.

Afterwards, the town was taken over by the Romans in the 2nd century BC. Once again it had a great role since one of the main Roman roads ran right through the town of Heraclea. Before it was completely abandoned, this impressive ancient city was ruled by the Byzantine empire. However, even after its demise it remained one of the most important and frequently visited sites. To this day countless people come to this ancient town to explore its stately ruins, including its stunning Roman theater and the magnificent Byzantine mosaics.